Environmental Services

Providing a positive customer experience should be a top priority for any environmental services leader. This can be accomplished at the highest levels as well as with front-line colleagues. Daily scripting is a starting point for us at TBE Nigeria Limited.
TBE Nigeria is a provider of pollution control and environmental management services including oil and air pollution control, water and waste management, automated tank cleaning, environmental audit & risk assessment.

Oil and Gas/ Marine Services

TBE NIGERIA LIMITED has taken cognizance of the fact that Oil & Gas drives the world. Also, incontrovertible, is the fact that energy derived from Oil and Gas lights homes, fuels vehicles and powers industries globally.

With respect to this fact, TBE NIGERIA LIMITED has positioned herself as the first choice partner providing upstream supply support for the exploration, development and extraction processes in the Oil and Gas Industry, using its distinct Oil and Gas division to cater to our clients’ needs.

Marine Services (On-shore and Off-shore)

TBE Nigeria Limited offers Marine Services through its leading International Principals & manufacturers, supply on exclusive basis highest quality of Personal Protective Equipment, Explosion Proof lighting, Traffic Safety, sale and rental of diesel driven air compressors and generators.

Sales and technical service support, are managed and followed up by competent sales engineers and trained technicians. We provide regular maintenance equipment and major repairs are being continuously maintained at our warehouse.

Information Technology Services (Infrastructure, Networks and Security)

We consider how solutions will impact your organization and create custom solutions accordingly. We’ll help you through change management issues, integrate new solutions with existing business processes, ensure appropriate knowledge transfer and provide user training.
We advise businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives.

Our IT Security team watches the security landscape to help you stay on top of the ever changing challenges and opportunities in IT security.


Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Our team of highly knowledgeable civil and mechanical engineers will advise the client on and recommend highly efficient systems that meet his requirements and budget
Our engineering team work closely together to provide sustainable design solution which produces healthy buildings avoiding useless energy consumption and the depletion of natural resources
Our services range from basic load calculations and breakdowns to highly advanced
We provide highly professional standard of service in the following fields:
– Building and Construction
– Centralized Chilled Water,
– split and package HVAC Systems
– Mechanical Engineering services for industrial applications
– Water Supply and Drainage Systems

Pipeline Fabrications

As contractors to industrial and commercial clients nationwide we have aspired to pipeline fabrication that meets the most current standards of the industry. TBE Nigeria constantly invests in state-of-the-art welding equipment to deliver the best quality product. We realize that heat input on the steel can be a concern for some clients, and we have a variety of solutions to address these concerns. We can fabricate carbon steel, alloys, and stainless steel piping to exact specifications. In both of our submerged arc automatic welding bays, we offer pipe welding capacity (SAW) up to 60 inches and specialize in both large-bore and small-bore pipe..

Haulage and Logistics

TBE Nigeria Limited offers a full logistics package to its customers ranging from Land as well as Sea freight.

Land transportation of goods and services all over Nigeria.

We have been successful through our adapting nature to the latest trends in the industry and providing great value-added service to our target market.